Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Cleaning in Centerville

When mold or microbial growth affect your life, health, home, business or building call SERVPRO of Iowa City / Coralville, Ottumwa / Oskaloosa, Des Moines East & SW.  We are here to help.  We have properly trained service technicians who are trained in remediation and will safely remove the growth and keep further contamination from spreading using special equipment and containment.  We can do air testing to determine the extent and type of contamination first and determine our course of action.  This picture shows our technician removing microbial growth from the walls in a business in Centerville.  We take a lot of pride in the work that we do. Making it "Like it never even happened."

Decontamination Chamber - Mold Removal in Ottumwa

In June a few of our employees attended AMRT Mold Training in Pekin, IL. This picture shows an example of a decontamination chamber that the team built in class. This system is used at the entrance of a mold containment. It is set up with negative air pressure to pull all contaminates out. This shows the training that our team goes through. We are prepared and ready to help you with your mold mitigation and air sampling needs in Ottumwa and the surrounding area. 

It is the Water You Don't See

This picture shows you the areas of your home or business that can be affected by water.  When water spills onto a surface and has time, even a little bit of time, to travel it can affect many different parts of your structure.  It is the water you don't see that you can't just wipe up with a towel that can cause you further damage.  Warping can occur or even microbial growth.  Take a minute to assess the damage after a water intrusion.

Protective Equipment

When we mitigate from mold damage it is necessary to wear protective personal equipment to protect your body. Our employees are required and trained in how to wear proper protective equipment when doing the work that we do. Don't tackle mold removal your self. Let the professionals help. So no further spread or health concerns occur. Our employees wear suits, respirators, gloves, and booties. All to protect their skin and lungs from containments.

Mold on a ceiling

This is mold on a ceiling area where the water came in through an intrusion from the ceiling.  The ceiling was saturated with water and then mold started to grow. In order to clean this up the effected drywall was removed, the source of the leak was fixed and we had to make sure the structure was dry before it could be closed back up and re dry walled.

Mold Following a Water Intrusion

This mold is growing on drywall that was effected from water seeping and soaking up into the drywall from water that was on the floor in a basement.  This is why it is so important to repair leaks and remove standing water so that further damage does not occur following a water intrusion.

Mold Growth Behind Kitchen Cabinets

This photo shows mold present after removal of some kitchen cabinets during a remodel process.  At one point their was a water leak from the sink and it was never dried up properly so mold grew.  Mold loves dark areas where construction materials are wet.  This is why it is so important to make sure all the water is completely dried up after a water leak.

Mold Growth On Ceiling

This mold is present due to a roof water leak. The wet dry wall set long enough wet that mold started to grow.  Mold loves wet construction materials to grow on.  In order to remove the mold we had to cut the effected dry wall and remove it and make sure that the leak above was fixed.  We also had to make sure that other areas were then dry. We sprayed with an antimicrobial product the areas around it to prevent future microbial growth.