Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Mallery, Pella's Marketing Representative, Cleaning The Ceiling

Multibuilding Fire: Don't Worry, The Marketing Team is Here to help®

Our team at SERVPRO strives to provide a seamless project duration to ensure our clients can redirect their focus to other aspects to allow them to get back on their feet. This project displayed all levels of damage ranging from general cleaning/odor removal to a complete loss of one building. Our trained business development team from our multiple office locations rushed to assist our production crews to get started on services to restore these businesses to preloss condition to ensure they could recover from this setback as fast as possible. By choosing SERVPRO, you are choosing a company of dedicated individuals to come in and take this massive worry out of your hands. We do this because we want the client to redirect their focus onto other aspects that will get them back to some normality.

ultrasonic dryer

The Power of the Ultrasonic Dryer

Contents are cleaned in our Ultrasonic Tank and then placed in this dryer for a more complete process. This system allows for contents to be cleaned efficiently and thoroughly, expanding our range of restorable contents.

Content Cleaning After A Fire

We are here to help you recover contents after fire damage. When a fire effects your home or business and you believe that you have to throw all of your contents away due to smoke and soot damage know that we are here specializing in these recovery services.  This picture shows before and after of a couple items that have extensive damage. We were able to work our SERVPRO content cleaning services on these items and return them to the owner. The heavy soot accumulation on the surfaces of these items is extensive but we have technology available to clean these items. Our team of trained cleaning technicians will evaluate the items affected and be able to determine their clean ability before beginning services.   We are here to make it "Like it never even happened." 

Insulation Removal after a Fire

We are here to help mitigate after fire and water situations.  Insulation will hold smoke and odor after a fire.  If the insulation is deemed affected it needs to be removed.  This picture shows a member of our crew working to remove the blown in insulation from the attic area.  The insulation is sucked out of the space and put into a dumpster to be disposed of properly.  We are here to help make it "Like it never even happened." and are your mitigation experts when it comes to fire, water, and mold.

Jars Cleaned After Fire Damage in Ottumwa, IA

These jars were cleaned after a fire.  They had heavy smoke and soot damage.  We used the Ultrasonic machine to dip and soak these in.  They were then rinsed and air dried.  When a fire happens it can be divesting and lots of contents would thought to have to be disposed of but with today's technology we are able to save many of our clients contents.  Please give us the chance if disaster happens to make it "Like it never even happened."

Removing Soot After A Fire in Iowa City, IA

This soot spot on a plaster wall was caused by a small refrigerator that caught fire.  This picture shows our warehouse manager Tracy cleaning and showing the process before, during, and after of soot removal so that the wall can be ready to be sealed.  It is very important to use certain cleaning methods to remove different types of soot residue.  Soot can smear and make a larger mess if not cleaned properly. We are here to provide that professional and trained experience to assist and make disasters "Like it never even happened"

Cleaning Up Debris Following A Fire

This picture shows one of our technicians cleaning up debris in a house after a fire.  The insulation from the ceiling above and the drywall had to be bagged and removed from the house for disposal.  The fire department had broken down the ceiling to get to the ceiling joists in the attic above to check for hot spots.  We were called in to clean up the debris.  It is important to wear proper personal protective equipment to protect yourself when working with materials possibly affected by fire.  We also bag up the materials to contain the mess from being spread through the other work areas. 

Fire Damage to Garage in Ottumwa

We arrived on scene to this house in Dallas, IA that had storm damage from wind. The roof vent cap had blown off and needed to be repaired right away.  We worked very quickly to seal the roof until we could have fixed and then we were able to fix within 2 days so water or wind caused no further damage to the house. They were very thankful for our fast service.

Responding to a Fire

This business had a fire caused by a lighting strike that came through the building and started their auto repair side of the business on fire.  We were called in as the Large Loss Response Team. We arrived on scene right away and began setting equipment.  This building has heavy fire, smoke, and soot damage and odor.  We will set many different pieces of equipment in this building and we will get business back up and running as quickly as possible. 

Fire At an Apartment

This fire was at an apartment building.  The bathroom exhaust fan malfunctioned and caused a fire.  We came in after this picture was taken and sealed the roof to prevent further damage and started to remove debris and charred material.  The other apartments were affected by water and soot.  We cleaned up the affected areas and ran deodorizing equipment.

Checking a roof cavity

This is the owner, Brian Meyer, checking an air cavity between the roof cap and ceiling joists for smoke infiltration and soot following a fire in an adjacent building. The smoke and soot transferred into this building through holes in the brick mortar. It affected all walls, floors and ceilings. He is checking for the proper method to seal this area so that there is no odor transfered into the living space following our restoration work.

On site of a fire in our area

One of our large loss trucks responding to a fire in our area the day after the event. We work hard to make it like it never ever happened. This fire effected multiple apartments. We brought in 3 large commercial dumpsters and a man lift to help with the project. We have the availability of equipment for any size disaster. We boarded up the structure right away to protect the structure from further damage.

Carpet Cleaning Coralville, IA

These stairs have been damaged by soot from smoke after a small fire inside of a home. This carpet has had a couple swipes of our carpet cleaning machine.  You can see where the machine has gone and how the carpets were effected.  The homeowner is very pleased with our final work when we finished.