General Photo Gallery

Portable Temporary Heat Set After An Emergency

Equipment Knowledge - Our portable temporary heaters are able to provide heat to a structure. These heaters are set outside the structure and the hot air is ducted into the building through flexible tubing.  This particular heater pumps out 88,000 btu of heat. We use these after a fire and/or water loss in the winter months.  We use them to heat the building to improve the working environment, introduce energy for improved drying conditions, and maintain the integrity of the structure so further damage doesn't occur such as broken water lines.  Providing heat to a structure is a vital part of the mitigation process in the winter months. 

2017 Annual Meeting

We celebrated 8 years of being a team on December 1st.  The team came together to celebrate all the goals we achieved in 2017 and go over the new goals for 2018.  We are a growing team that believes in caring first for our clients needs that have just gone through a disaster.  It makes us who we are.  We heard from our SERVPRO trainer Mike Fuller as well as celebrated 5 years of service for 4 outstanding employees.  We are excited for 2018.

Ottumwa SERVPRO building Aerial View

This is our Ottumwa Aerial View shot from the sky.  We are lucky to have this newer facility that we built just a couple years ago on the north side of Ottumwa.  With this large facility we are able to better take care of our customers and house more equipment to be ready when our customers need us. 

Vendor Booth

Our marketing team enjoys going to events of our clients and talking about SERVPRO and talking about all the services we provide and how we can help their businesses. This vendor booth was set up at a hotel property management conference. We talked about ERP'S and how we can do more for their properties like providing carpet and duct cleaning along with the water and Fire mitigation.


All of our staff; from the office administration, technicians, estimators, marketing team, and upper management we are all Professionals in our industry, providing you, our client, with the best Service. If at any time you don't receive the service you should, let us know and we will commit to providing the type of service you desire.

Air Movers and Dehumidifiers

These are just a few of our air movers and dehumidifiers.  We use these units to move air and remove humidity from a space.  These units are tested regularly and maintained for top performance at all times.  They are ready to be mobilized and set up quickly to minimize the property damage that may occur after a loss.

Ottumwa Office

This is our Ottumwa Office located at

201 Osage Dr, Ottumwa, IA 52501

Our Ottumwa office staff provides our list of services to Ottumwa, Oskaloosa, Centerville Fairfield, Sigourney and the surrounding areas. 

Marketing Machine

Watch for this SERVPRO vehicle in your area. Our marketing team enjoys stopping by to say hi and tell you all about our services and how we can help. "Like it never even happened"