What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

The service was fast and efficient and workers and contact people were friendly and helpful.

We had a water intrusion that affected tow areas of our home.  We discovered the problem at 9:30 in the evening. We contacted SERVPRO and they were at our home first thing in the morning when we requested them to be there.  The whole crew was professional and did a great job of cleaning everything up and leaving us in great shape.  I would recommend this company without a doubt for any of the services they offer.

I had my roof effected by a downed tree. SERVPRO came right away to fix it.  Thank you to your amazing staff for protecting my home from further damage.

As the sales manager for SERVPRO, I see so many times people in our industry struggling with the loss after an event. Storm Damage is so hard because it is such a shock and can be traumatic. Being there to help individuals out after a loss is an honor.  Being able to reassure them that this is going to be okay and we are here to help is very special.  I have seen lightening strikes that have caused house fires. I have seen wind that has downed trees and damaged buildings.  Hail that has broken car windows.  Being able to help people get through their time of need is very special and it is humbling to watch our trained and expert staff repair peoples property and lives.  We are all honored to help those who need us.

It was great to have someone out so quickly after our house was struck by lightening.  They came and boarded up the area that the lightening had struck and caused a fire, the same day that I called. The quick response is so appreciated.

I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone.  We had a tornado that affected our town and our Christian Church.  The tornado took out 3 stain glass windows and damaged others.  There was shattered glass inside the church.  It scratched pews and other things.  I was very impressed with all the guys that worked at the church. They were excellent. They were friendly, professional and pointed out things even we missed initially.  SERVPRO was fantastic.