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Spring Cleaning will be a breeze when you contact SERVPRO of Ottumwa/Oskaloosa

4/10/2018 (Permalink)

Take a minute and smell the flowers this spring!

The wonderful first day of spring where you open your windows after having your house boarded up all winter. That wonderful spring day can also be an eye-opener because of how much spring cleaning you might need to do. Let SERVPRO of Ottumwa/Oskaloosa help with some of that cleaning. Spring Cleaning can be a hefty job and can be overwhelming to try and get everything done. Let us help lighten the load! We provide carpet cleaning, odor removal, air testing, and mold remediation that can help get your house sparkly clean. SERVPRO of Ottumwa/Oskaloosa makes it “Like it never even happened.” Take a minute and smell the roses on a lovely spring day and let SERVPRO of Ottumwa/Oskaloosa do your household spring cleaning.

Ottumwa - We Do Carpet Cleaning

5/18/2017 (Permalink)

We are a premier cleaning company.  We specialize in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, drapery cleaning, rug cleaning, and furniture cleaning.  We do carpet cleaning for residential and commercial customers. We have licensed technicians who are trained by the IICRC in the proper methods to clean different types of carpets and fabrics. We pretest fragile fabrics and make sure that we take the best care of your home or office that we can.  We clean carpets for general cleaning, after water damage, after fire damage, to remove odors, to remove stains, and to clean up after pets.  We pride ourselves in a job well done.  We do stair cleaning as well.  We have the right equipment and the right products to keep your carpets and fabrics safe.  Our estimates our free and we do our pricing based off of square footage.  Give us a call today. 

Hydroxyl vs Ozone Machines

2/13/2017 (Permalink)

Hydroxyl and Ozone machines both work to eliminate lingering odors, gases, and organic pollutants from the air. We are lucky to have both types of machines.  We put them in homes and businesses to remove pet odor, smoke odor, odor from mold, cooking odor, etc.  There are benefits and draw backs to both types of machines. 

Hydroxyl machines are able to run with living things in the same room.  They remove odor slower then when using ozone machines but you can live and work around a running hydroxyl machine.  Ozone machines can not run with living organisms in the same space.  Ozone machines will work in a few hours where a hydroxyl will need to run for a few days depending on the extent of the odor.  Ozone machines can also bleach wet fabrics and effect rubber. 

Depending on the type of odor you have we will chose the best type of equipment to work best to eliminate the smell. 

Ultrasonic Machine

2/8/2017 (Permalink)

Ultrasonic Machine

Our Ultrasonic Machine is located in our Iowa City office. This machine is used to clean many different items including items damaged by mold or soot.  We can clean some electronics, jewelry, guns, family heirlooms, light fixtures, porcelain dolls, etc. 

The benefits of Ultrasonic cleaning are;

Offers a deep and even clean

Very delicate cleaning for those delicate items

High speed and energy efficient cleaning

Minimal chemicals

Ultrasonic works with high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations, along with the special cleaning solutions, to create the effect of millions of tiny bubbles which breakdown contaminants off the target surface without the need for scrubbing.

If you have an item that you would like to have deep cleaned with our ultrasonic machine just let us know.

Even if you don't have fire and water damage at your home and you just need an item deep cleaned, feel free to bring it in and we will be happy to clean the item quickly and thoroughly for you.