Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damage Clean Up In Galena

When water damage affects your home or business we have the equipment to help properly, efficiently, and effectively remove water from your structural materials... READ MORE

Sewer Back Up in Lucas Iowa

This basement in Lucas Iowa was affected by sewer loss. Sewer water backed up the floor drain. We removed the excess water and removed any materials that were ... READ MORE

Containment set up after a water damage in Ottumwa

This picture shows a door way sealed with a containment system so that the equipment used to dry the area would work at its peak performance. We sealed off the... READ MORE

Mold during Water Damage

This customer had a water damage that they discovered in the basement of their town house, but did not know what caused it. After investigating, we came to the ... READ MORE

Before and After Demo of Water Damage

This is a before and after picture of the demolition SERVPRO had to do in order to properly dry out some homes during a water damage. This customer's cause of l... READ MORE

Sewer Damage Clean Up

Here is a customer's partially finished basement that had a sewer damage because of a drain back up. The odor was pretty strong, so the homeowner did not stay h... READ MORE